No Windows 8 for HTC: Report

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No Windows 8 for HTC: Report

First it was Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi telling Elaine “No soup for you!” Now, Microsoft has told Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC, “No Windows 8 for you!”

For months now Microsoft has been steadily (and carefully) building buzz around its upcoming Windows 8 operating system. In fact, Microsoft is so concerned about providing the new OS with a hot start that the company is reportedly overseeing hardware production of tablets and ultrabook PCs in an effort to ensure that such new devices meet certain quality standards.

It makes some sense: if the devices running Windows 8 don’t perform admirably, the bad experiences of consumers could affect public perceptions of the Microsoft operating system as well.

Now, it appears HTC has been blocked by Microsoft from installing Windows 8 on a new tablet computer. According to Bloomberg News, the problem is that HTC just hasn’t built enough tablet devices in the past.

Simply put, Microsoft isn’t sure HTC is ready for Windows 8.

You can just imagine Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer screaming “You can’t handle our OS!” at an HTC executive.

The news is particularly surprising given that, to date, HTC and Microsoft have actually enjoyed a very positive business relationship. HTC has for some time produced handheld devices running the Windows Phone mobile platform. In a recent statement, an HTC spokesperson boasted that it had sold 40 million of these devices in the past decade.

Although Microsoft hasn’t yet commented on the situation, it’s likely the firm will work closely with HTC to ensure that future tablets built by the hardware firm meet requested standards.

Microsoft did state that it views HTC as “a strong partner now and for the future.”

Nevertheless, it’s a big setback for HTC. Beyond the embarrassment of being blocked from using its own partners’ software product, missing out on Windows 8 puts it a step behind competitors like Acer, Asus, and Toshiba, all of which are expected to release Windows 8 tablets this year.