Move Over 11-Month-Old iPhone 4S: Apple iPhone 5 Expected to Hit Stores September 21

Posted on Aug. 23, 2012 by Brandon Dimmel - No Comments
Move Over 11-Month-Old iPhone 4S: Apple iPhone 5 Expected to Hit Stores September 21

Alert, insane Apple fanboys (and fangirls): please discard your ancient iPhone 4S in the garbage. A new report suggests the next version of the iPhone will hit store shelves September 21.

How do we know this? According to the TechCrunch blog, a “trusted Verizon employee” has said that Verizon workers are being told they can forget about taking vacation between September 21 and September 30, 2012.

Given that it’s been rumored for some time that a new iPhone would ship this September, it seems fairly certain that the device will go on sale during the Verizon employee vacation blackout period.

The report, if accurate, shows how confident Apple has become in consumers’ voracious appetite for its slick gadgets. It was only last October that the iPhone 4S created global hysteria.

Additions to the iPhone formula are pretty minimal, though of course that’s a highly subjective assessment. Experts believe the device will feature a bigger screen (expanding from 3.5-inches to 4-inches) and 4G LTE network support, meaning users will be able to download apps and browse the web faster than before.

It’s also expected that the iPhone 5 will support near-field communications tech, meaning it will be possible to make in-store payments with the device. Just tap and go.

The iPhone 5 should also get a new operating system, iOS 6, though the list of added features is somewhat uninspired: users will now get access to a better navigation system, a digital coupon book called Passbook, and a Notifications setting that suppresses incoming communications.

Right now it looks like the new iPhone will get an unveiling in mid-September (probably September 12), with preorders following a few days later. If the Verizon worker is to be believed, we’ll then see long lineups outside electronics retailers on September 21.