Is the Apple Logo ‘Sacrilegious’? The Russian Orthodox Church Thinks So

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Is the Apple Logo ‘Sacrilegious’? The Russian Orthodox Church Thinks So

Should we consider Apple’s iconic bitten apple logo “sacrilegious”? According to the Russian Orthodox Church the image is blasphemous and shouldn’t be displayed in public.

Apple’s logo was designed by Rab Janoff in 1976. Since the introduction of the first Macintosh computer a few years later, it’s become one of the most popular and recognizable images in the technology industry.

Today, the worldwide popularity of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod has made this logo synonymous with Western technological innovation and style. In short, it’s hard to imagine a world without the Apple logo.

But one church group thinks the logo is completely inappropriate. According to Russian Orthodox Christians, the logo brings to mind images of the Garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve were tempted to taste the forbidden fruit.

Now, the Bible doesn’t explicitly say that the forbidden fruit was an apple. For all we know, the fruit could have been a pomegranate, pineapple, or a mango. However, in Western Christianity most representations of the forbidden fruit gravitate towards the apple.

According to reports, in some parts of Russia Christians have begun covering up the Apple logo with images of a crucifix. The issue has become a popular topic of debate, particularly since it appears President Vladimir Putin supports the church group’s position. Putin received substantial support from the Russian Orthodox Church in the nation’s last election. He may feel the need to reward Russian Orthodox Christians in devising public policy on this issue.

At this moment the Russian government is considering a new law that would criminalize the display of blasphemous images. Specifically, the law would block any image deemed to contradict “religious, spiritual or national values.”

More than 140 million people live in Russia. If Apple is forced to change its logo, company profits would almost certainly be affected. Of course, if Apple fails to properly address this issue, the results could be devastating for the firm.