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Careful management of employee hours helps your business save money by improving efficiency and tracking costs, which is why timesheet software makes an excellent investment. The best time tracking software allows you to automate the process of clocking in and clocking out, keeping tabs not only on the number of hours each individual employee works, but also helps you manage sick leave, vacation time, overtime, activities, performance and bonuses, and much more. If you run a business in which your employees are paid by the hour, software for time tracking helps you eliminate disagreements and discrepancies while ensuring all employees remain accountable.

Compare time tracking software by considering these market-leading products:

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Tenrox Timesheet

Description: This time clock software package offers a complete range of tracking features, including:

  • Automatic and manual time tracking options
  • Track time by the minute or by the hour
  • Employee activities
  • Payroll expenses per employee
  • Employee project and job reporting
  • Overtime, holiday time, sick time and vacation time tracking

In addition to these features, you can also use Tenrox Timesheet to generate, print, export and fax complete reports to upper management. It also supports secondary features, including invoicing, management of multiple monetary currencies for international employees, contract workers management, and web-based use.

Like many of the leading programs, Tenrox Timesheet can be installed on multiple machines and is accessible to multiple users. This allows your entire human resources department to take advantage of the same management tools, creating integrated functionality that saves labor, time and money.

Review: The versatility of this program is one of its major draws. It is compatible with Mac OS-X as well as Windows 7, Vista and XP. It can also be easily integrated with most of the major accounting, payroll and customer relationship management (CRM) programs. It also scores high marks for its mobile compatibility; all you need to access it is a working Internet connection.

However, the product does suffer from one significant drawback: its help and support features lag behind what’s offered by some of its chief competitors. However, because it is so versatile and accessible, it earns top marks despite this flaw.

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DOVICO Timesheet

Description: In addition to offering complete employee time tracking features, you can also use DOVICO Timesheet to keep tabs on assigned tasks and individual productivity. This information can be considered in tandem with the program’s handy expense tracking module, which provides executive management with the ability to make key financial and personnel decisions.

DOVICO Timesheet is compatible with the Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems.

Review: This product offers advanced features that put a dizzying array of information at the fingertips of key organizational decision makers. Its time and project management features are second to none on the market, and you can purchase this software for a one-time price rather than paying for a monthly subscription.

However, it isn’t easy to learn to use this program, given the comprehensiveness of its features. Training sessions may be necessary, which may add to your overall investment. Once your employees master it, though, you will not regret your decision to use this product.

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Web TimeSheet

Description: Web TimeSheet offers all the same features as the market leaders. However, some of them require an additional investment. Activity, project and job tracking are available at an extra cost, as are the project and task reporting capabilities. Project and billing modules are sold separately from time tracking modules. Web TimeSheet is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP as well as Mac OS-X.

Review: While this product does offer excellent accessibility across both computer- and mobile-based platforms, your investment in it can quickly add up if you want to enjoy the full range of available features. However, it is one of the few market-leading products that is compatible with Mac computers.