Top Scheduling Software

What to look for in business scheduling software

Business scheduling software allows you to stay on top of all your appointments and meetings, both professional and personal. Some of the key functionalities to look for in schedule software include automatic reminders, the ability to sort and manage data, task management features and the ability to import data from other programs and export files in a variety of formats. Calendar software does a lot more than just remind you of your meetings; it also helps you foster and manage professional relationships and stay in touch on the go.

Here are our recommendations for the top-performing planning and scheduling software packages on the market:

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Chaos Intellect

Description: Chaos Intellect is designed to meet the needs of small businesses and busy professionals. With a sleek and well-designed interface, the program supports a comprehensive range of contact management features, including automated reminders, customizable appointment sorting and prioritizing of meetings, appointments and scheduling.

One of the most unique and powerful functions of Chaos Intellect is its capability to create comprehensive appointment histories, which can be linked together for easy management. You can add notes about all meetings, and even apply memos to individual contacts in your list to help you manage customer relationships more efficiently and effectively. The product is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Review: This scheduler software product earns top marks for its ingenious design, which includes a staggering range of filters, functions, note features and memos. You can keep track of your schedule as well as prioritize task completing, supporting efficient productivity.

There are a couple of drawbacks to keep in mind. First, if you are looking for schedule management software for a larger enterprise, this might not be the ideal product, as it is specifically geared to meet the needs of individuals and smaller businesses. It is also not compatible with Macintosh operating systems. However, if you are looking for a scheduling software package for small-scale use, this product scores top marks.

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VIP Task Manager

Description: On the flip side, VIP Task Manager is specifically designed to meet the needs of large businesses and corporations. It supports integrated use across local area networks, allowing a large number of users to access the same features and stay productive.

The Professional version of this program offers lots of handy features, including the ability to color-code priorities and shift them around according to changing needs. You can also manage costs, create detailed project breakdowns, share documents and view calendars in multiple ways.

Review: If you’re looking for a schedule management program for a bigger business, VIP Task Manager has all the power and features you will need. Its built-in contact management features create a very comprehensive product, and HR managers also love its ability to track employee hours and productivity. However, VIP Task Manager is not available for Macintosh users, either. Also, its interface is somewhat lacking in aesthetic appeal, though it does offer excellent functionality and ease of use.

Overall, this is an outstanding schedule management tool for corporate use, and is highly recommended.

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Description: Designed to be simple yet complete, MyLifeOrganized is compatible with mobile devices that run Windows Mobile. It offers easy installation, a bright and attractive interface, and features that compare favorably against the market’s leading programs.

Review: While it is versatile and convenient, MyLifeOrganized suffers somewhat from an interface that seems to be designed more for aesthetic appeal than ease of use. However, if you run Windows Mobile and want to stay connected and productive while you’re on the road, this is a program well worth considering.