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When you compare presentation software, look for programs that allow you to integrate multiple formats and media into your work. Some of the standard features you will find in software for business presentations include the ability to add sound, animations, photos, clip art, text, video, diagrams, charts and special effects.

You should also insist on management features like spell check, video and image editors, text editors and design templates. All the market’s leading programs allow you to time your presentations, so individual slides and multimedia clips play smoothly while helping you stay on schedule.

Here are some presentation software reviews to kick start your search for the right product:

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Description: Microsoft’s PowerPoint offers a comprehensive range of features, including:

  • Password protection
  • The ability to group and categorized individual slides
  • Image and video editors
  • Spell checker
  • The ability to add sounds, photos, clip art, cookie cutters, video, text, charts and diagrams
  • Transition effects
  • Animation effects
  • Templates
  • 3D effects
  • Presentation view features

Microsoft also maintains a comprehensive help and support database, including a user manual, access to a user forum including message boards, built-in troubleshooting, email and phone support, tutorials, support via IM and an FAQ directory.

The program is compatible with a wide range of file formats, including PDF, a range of image and video file formats and web-ready formats. If you are looking for presentation software for Mac systems, PowerPoint is available in a Macintosh version in addition to the standard Windows version.

Review: This Microsoft Office presenting software program offers the ultimate in compatibility. It is considered the gold standard in the world of presentation software, and one of the primary benefits of its status is intimate familiarity. It’s easy to learn to use, and offers a staggering range of features that support limitless creativity.

The one down side of PowerPoint is that Microsoft does not offer it for individual sale. To use it, you are forced to purchase the entire Microsoft Office suite, which includes other popular programs like Word and Excel…which you may already have or not need.

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Corel Presentations

Description: Corel Presentations offers an interface that is similar to PowerPoint, and its features and capabilities are comparable if not identical. The only things that PowerPoint has that Corel Presentations lacks is a video editor, password protector and the ability to group slides into sections. It is not compatible with Mac operating systems, though.

Review: This is the leading alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint, though Corel has also forced users to purchase an entire software suite to get it. To use this program, you need to buy WordPerfect Office Suite, which is priced at a higher point than Microsoft Office. However, this is an excellent program that is a solid alternative to Microsoft’s dominance of the market.

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SoftMaker Presentations

Description: Offering a range of features that are nearly as complete as the market-leading programs like Corel Presentations and PowerPoint, SoftMaker Presentations is also installable on USB drives, allowing you to keep it with you and install/use it on any computer you like.

Review: If you are looking for a stand-alone presentation program filled with handy features, this is an excellent option. It is more affordable than the market leaders, yet offers nearly identical functionality. While its mobility is a strong benefit, help and support suffers significantly.