Top Mac Data Recovery Software

The leading Apple data recovery software products

Data recovery software for Mac computers should offer the same five major elements as comparable products for PCs: support for all your computer’s devices, a complete range of data recovery options, extras and advanced features to enhance functionality and security, ease of use, and help and support from the manufacturer should you need it.

Keep in mind that many Apple data recovery software products are available on a free trial basis from the manufacturer. If you are interested in a particular data recovery software for Apple product, check to see if you can take it for a test drive by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Here are our recommendations for file recovery software for Mac users:

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Description: In addition to supporting data recovery for standard file types, R-Studio offers users the ability to recover files of lesser-used types, such as UNIX files and ext2f files. External media devices and RAID drives are also supported, and file backup tools are a standard part of the package. The program is also able to recover deleted files and files that have been damaged, even if the drive in question has already been formatted. You can also get back deleted information from a full range of Apple products and digital devices including iPods, digital cameras, USB drives, zip drives and firewire drives.

Review: No other product on the market supports the recovery of as many different file types as R-Studio, and for that reason alone, it merits close consideration as the most reliable way to recover files on a Mac. It is also able to recover files from an enormous range of peripheral devices, making it as versatile as it is powerful.

On the down side, this program is designed with the needs of advanced users in mind, so it may take quite a while for newbies to get the hang of it. It is also a little lacking in extras, as it doesn’t have a disk defragmenting or partition repair tool. Overall, though, this is an excellent and very comprehensive program that is well worth the money.

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TechTool Pro

Description: TechTool Pro offers a handy disk defragmentation function and system scans in addition to a complete range of data recovery options. It supports Mac hard drives as well as firewire/USB drives, RAID drives and HFS drives. Its interface is divided into modules, allowing you to access specific functions from dedicated menus for easier use.

Review: Rigorous tests have been unable to find a single functional flaw with TechTool Pro, making it one of the top-performing data recovery software tools for Mac users on the market. Its comprehensiveness is comparable to the market’s leading products, but isn’t quite as capable of recovering data from as many devices as some of its competitors, and cannot recover data from iPods or memory cards.

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Description: This product is designed with advanced directory repair and recovery capabilities, but it also offers a handy disk defragmentation feature and is capable of recovering files from iPods and other peripheral devices.

Review: If your focus is on directories, this product is peerless in its capabilities. However, it does not support certain major file system types, such as NTFS and FAT, which hinder its overall versatility.