Top Mac Data Backup Software

Data backup software for Mac users

Even though Apple products have a stronger reputation for security than their PC counterparts, it’s still a good idea to have data backup software for Macs, and you shouldn’t wait until you need it before you buy it. Data backup software for Apple products fill the same function as comparable programs designed for PC users; they provide safe, secure backups of important files to your choice of locations. Look for document backup software for Mac computers that have the flexibility to write data to external storage media, optical discs, FTP locations and online servers.

Here are our product picks if you’re looking for Apple data backup software:

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Description: This file backup software for Macs is loaded with backup and restoration features. You can back up files, folders and you complete system, create a bootable backup disc, back up storage drives with a single click, create scheduled backups, and much more. Restore features are equally complete, as you have the option to restore individual files and folders, file paths and hard drive images to your computer or to a separate location. Output options include your computer’s own hard drive, an online server, or your choice of removable media formats.

Review: This program offers a lot for a low price. You can customize ChronoSync in near-endless ways, ensuring that your important information is constantly protected and updated, and the product provides an army of tools to help you prevent disastrous data losses. The interface is well-designed and very intuitive, and the sheer power of this program is made more digestible with the inclusion of tutorials and tools designed to acquaint users with its full range of features.

However, this program is so powerful that it may be daunting to new users, and it may take them some time to learn to harness its full capabilities. This is hardly a drawback, though, and this product is strongly recommended.

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Data Backup

Description: Data Backup offers power and depth that is comparable to ChronoSync, but compresses it into a simple drop-down menu that contains only the basic and straightforward commands. You can access the advanced tools through additional menus, which give you near-identical functionality to the market-leading program with few exceptions. The only thing ChronoSync can do that Data Backup can’t is write your files to an online server and create backups of your verification information.

Review: This program is very easy to use and is not intimidating to newbies. It is well thought out, powerful and efficient, running at high speeds and providing comprehensive functionality. However, its inability to back up your data to an online server is a curious omission, as Web-based backups are among the most effective ways to protect data. On the whole, though, this product provides powerful tools and an easily digestible package.


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Description: This product operates in your choice of two ways: it can be set up to run automatically in the background, almost like a computer script, or you can access the Pro version to customize your experience. Tri-BACKUP is rich with protection features, but its restore features are limited to file paths, individual files and folders, and hard drive images.

Review: Tri-BACKUP scores high marks for ease of use, even though it comes with a dizzying array of professional-quality tools and options. However, because its restore options are relatively limited, it places a shade lower than its competitors in our estimation.