Top Data Recovery Software

The market’s best data recovery solutions

When you compare data recovery software, look for programs with flexible and wide-ranging recovery features and the ability to recover files from multiple locations. The best data recovery software packages allow you to recover damaged files, files in your recycle bin and from disks with damaged sectors. You should also look for file recovery and document recovery programs that offer subscribers tutorials, to help you acquaint yourself with their features quickly and easily.

These are our picks for the top-performing data recovery solutions on the market:

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Digital Rescue Premium

Description: Digital Rescue Premium is loaded with advanced features that not only help you create preventive data backups, but also help you find, recover and securely store important files after a system crash, virus or malware infection, or other computer malfunction. In addition to complete file and document recovery capabilities, it can also restore lost and deleted emails as well as files that were purposely or accidentally removed from your hard drive.

Review: This program is an excellent performer. Its speed and simplicity belie its power, and it offers some of the most comprehensive protection and capabilities on the market. As practical as it is powerful, Digital Rescue Premium offers excellent value for the money. Its only shortcoming is in the customer support area; customer support is not available via instant message or the telephone.

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Advanced Disk Recovery

Description: Advanced Disk Recovery’s patented process helps you back up files through a unique five-step process. First, it welcomes you and provides an overview of its features and capabilities before scanning your computer, providing you with a summary of the scan results, recovering selected files and finishing with a comprehensive report.

Review: This program has the ability to scan more locations and find more files than most other products on the market, and it provides an attractive balance of power, speed and usability. Its major weakness is its inability to scan or recover files from RAID drives, so if you use these drives, you may want to consider a different product.

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Recover My Files

Description: Recover My Files was created to function as an emergency tool, and it specializes in helping you recover damaged and lost files after a system crash or other major problem.

Review: If you want to protect yourself against the unexpected, Recover My Files may be the most complete program on the market. However, it does not offer network recovery options, and customer support is somewhat limited.