Top Data Backup Software

Practical and affordable data backup solutions

Recommended data backup strategies include saving important individual files in multiple web-based locations, saving files to external media and storing them in a safe place, and regularly updating backed-up data to include new files. File backup software is an excellent way to manage all your data backup solutions.

The best data backup software offers multiple forms of protection, providing safe backup of all individual files and folders on your computer and regularly backing up even files that are in use. Other features to look for include scheduled backups, contact backups, complete system backups and advanced features like virus scanning, data compression and password protection.

Here are our picks for the top-performing file backup software packages on the market:

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Description: NovaBACKUP offers full, incremental and differential backup of all your files, or individually specified files and files that are currently in use. Output options include writing your files to removable media sources, backing up your files to your hard drive, FTP locations, tapes and online servers while offering a complete range of file and system restore features and excellent technical support. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems.

Review: This affordably priced program is excellent for new users and people without a great deal of technical knowledge, but it still offers the most comprehensive protection and customer support money can buy. Its single most useful feature is its ability to back up your files in a multitude of different ways and suffers from very few drawbacks. However, the one knock against this product is that its advanced view feature isn’t as straightforward to use as its simple features and may take quite a bit of time to get used to.

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DT Utilities PC Backup

Description: This file and document backup software offers virus scanning capabilities in addition to a complete range of data protection options, including the capability to back up virtually everything on your computer except your Internet browser’s favorites list. A complete selection of tutorials is included with your purchase, helping acquaint you with this program’s comprehensive range of features.

Review: DT Utilities PC Backup is one of the easiest programs of this type to use, and it maintains its ease of use despite its incredibly complete capabilities. However, the inability to back up your browser’s favorites list is a bit of a drawback, but you can get around this by manually making a record of your favorite websites.

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Genie Backup Manager

Description: Among the many desirable features of this program is its ability to back up not only your files and documents, but also your emails and computer’s index registry. Setup, installation and use are all easy and intuitive, and it runs quickly on numerous Windows platforms.

Review: While this is a complete product offering excellent protection, and while it is also very easy to install, it does force you to select each individual item you want to back up rather than auto-populating your list.