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When you compare contact management software, look for features including email integration, scheduling features, mobile support and access, remote synchronization, calendar management and the ability to add notes to contact entries. Software for contact management also lets you manage your marketing and sales initiatives. You can also set up instant alerts, link contacts together, generate mailing labels, manage your social networking needs and create contact groups.

Here are our picks for the market’s best contact management software:

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Description: Salesforce contact software has an intuitive interface and comes with a feature known as Chatter, which offers you advanced tools for managing contacts and creating communications across multiple mobile and online platforms. You can integrate the program with Microsoft Outlook, and it is remotely accessible as long as you have an Internet connection available.

Individual contact fields can be populated with a complete range of information, including contact information, addresses, contact histories, notes, campaign histories and more. It also offers comprehensive marketing and sales tools, such as lead generation and management, opportunity tracking and report generation. You can create data summaries and organize them according to specified time intervals, and Salesforce offers complete help and support, including both online and telephone-based customer service.

Review: This software for managing contacts scores high marks for its comprehensive range of options and outstanding customer service and support features. You can also back up your contact information through cloud computing integration, and is widely considered the most versatile and complete program on the market.

One minor design flaw is that the program doesn’t support tabbed browsing, instead forcing you to scroll through your contact list to find the information you’re looking for. However, because it is so complete and intuitive, and because the company offers such excellent support, we rank this as the top available contact management software package on the market.

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Description: Oncontact gives you the ability to choose between remotely accessible contact management, or individually installed packages on specific computers. Regardless of which of these options you choose, Oncontact allows you to integrate its features to multiple locations and allows you to add additional users to your account. Sales campaign management is supported through advanced and comprehensive tools, and this program has one of the most easily understood interfaces on the market.

Review: The major strengths of Oncontact stem from the fact that it was carefully designed with the needs of end users in mind. The interface is sleek, clean and easy to navigate, and offers every bit as much capability as the market’s leading products.

As for drawbacks, there are few. However, Oncontact comes up a little short against Salesforce in terms of its marketing and sales support features. However, many users report that its interface is superior, so it really comes down to a matter of preference.

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Sage ACT!

Description: Like the other market-leading products, Sage ACT! allows users to choose between web-hosted access and hard drive installation. There are two options to consider: the Premium package, which allows you to add 10 individual users or more, and the Pro package, which facilitates access for 1 to 10 individuals.

Review: This is one of the few programs on the market which includes an integrated calling feature, which lets you initiate communications directly through the program interface, from your computer and your mobile device. Though it is a little shy on certain advanced features, it is strongly recommended because of its strong reputation for being forward-thinking and easy to use.