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The best business plan software includes features that not only help you prepare professional documents, but also guide your market analysis. Software for business plans provides you with comprehensive research and forecasting tools, as well as the ability to import information from other documents, create professional-quality print-outs, and more. Also, it’s best to choose software for making business plans that provides complete customer support in case you ever encounter problems, have questions, or need assistance solving a specific issue.

Here are several business plan software reviews to help start your search:

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Business Plan Pro

Description: This business development plan software offers an exhaustive list of features and tools, including business publication resources, an organizational chart builder, access to statistical databases, market analysis features and enhanced forecasting tools. It also supports a wide range of document formats, including both importation and exportation. The tools are intended for use by beginners who do not have much experience creating business plans and want an intuitive, easy to use software program to help them along the way.

Review: For ease of use, this business plan software is second to none. The interface is intuitive, but even if you don’t manage to grasp it, Business Plan Pro has the most complete and accessible customer support services of any program on the market. It creates professional documents quickly and easily, and scores high marks for its flexibility and the completeness of its toolset.

On the down side, though, this program inexplicably does not support the importation of data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Considering how widespread the Microsoft Office software suite is, this drawback left us scratching our heads a bit.

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BizPlan Builder

Description: The research tools offered by BizPlan Builder include access to business publications as well as a handy market analysis wizard. It also offers a set of forecasting tools that is as comprehensive as any you will find on the market, and offers flexible and complete printing and publishing options. The program’s help and support is good, and the ability to upgrade to telephone support is optional and well worth the extra investment if you think you may need some help.

Review: Unlike even the leading business plan software programs, BizPlan Builder supports multi-user functions and facilitates the easy, secure online storage of files. The print and publishing options as well as the forecasting tools are very complete and second to none, but BizPlan Builder doesn’t offer document importation features and has a fairly complex interface that may not be easy for beginners to navigate.

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Business PlanMaker Professional Deluxe

Description: Business PlanMaker Professional Deluxe supports thorough research with its organizational chart builder, statistics access and business publication resources, and it is right up there with the market leader in terms of its forecasting tools and publication options. It is also one of the few programs on the market to support multi-user functions and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Review: If you need to perform thorough research, this product is one of the best options on the market. However, it does suffer from some significant drawback, including a narrow range of print and publishing features, and a lack of online publishing ability. You are only able to export your business plan as a Microsoft Word or Excel document with this software.