Top Travel Apps

The top apps for travel

If you’ve been bit by the travel bug, you can get travel applications to help you find flights, enter and modify booking information, make hotel reservations, find attractions in your destination city, and much more. Apps for travel are available for download directly to your tablet or smartphone, and can enrich your travel experience immeasurably. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, you can also get travel apps that will help you communicate in the local language if you don’t speak it.

Whether you’re looking for a road trip app to help you plan an itinerary for a local getaway or you’re off on an international adventure, these are some of the top travel applications available:

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Description: GateGuru is designed specifically for use in airports. It helps you locate restaurants and services, and find activities to keep you occupied during extended layovers in unfamiliar airports. If you’re wondering where the best food options in a given airport are, or if you want to be sure you’ve found a souvenir shop, eatery or duty-free shopping center before you pass through the security gates, GateGuru provides comprehensive information for major airports around the world. It is available for both iPhone and Android smartphone users.

Review: If you’ve ever been frustrated or lost in an airport, particularly in one where you don’t speak the local language, GateGuru can help you avoid a great deal of stress and frustration. Its comprehensive tools are a boon for international travelers whose journeys are taking them to places they’ve never been before.

In addition to providing complete information on airport services, you can also use GateGuru to check the status of flights and track other important flight information, all in an easy-to-use, intuitive package. This is a highly recommended travel app for jet-setters who frequent new airports as well as casual adventurers who want complete airport information at their fingertips.


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Description: TripIt began as a website that allowed users to store all of their travel plans and information in a single convenient place, including flight departure and arrival times, carrier information, itineraries, car rentals, entertainment and accommodations bookings. The online experience that the TripIt side provided is now available as an app for smartphone users.

Review: If you’ve ever been frustrated by the management of your individual confirmation emails, TripIt is the app for you. It’s easy to use; all you have to do is create an account and the app will automatically forward all your travel confirmation emails to a single online storage place.

However, users should note that the TripIt app only automatically forwards confirmation emails that are generated automatically. If you ever complete a booking yourself, you will have to manually forward the information to the app. However, the app scores high marks for making the task of printing out individual confirmations a thing of the past.

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Description: Hipmunk is a flight and hotel search application with a twist. It sorts your search results by “agony,” with the “least agonizing” options being presented to you first. Find the shortest, most direct routes with the fewest and shortest layovers with just a few taps of your touchscreen pad and by entering some basic information.

Review: This is a great travel app if you’re seeking convenience and want to minimize the irritation associated with international travel. Hipmunk helps you avoid unforeseen annoyances and offers an intuitive interface with excellent usability. Pricing information retrieved by the app is also very accurate.