Top Productivity Apps

The best-reviewed productivity applications for mobile phones

Productivity applications help you make the most of down time when you’re waiting for the subway, sitting at the doctor’s office or have a few minutes to spare while waiting for a friend or business associate. Some popular examples include note taking apps to help you remember important details, news apps that let you stay informed, and reminders apps to ensure you don’t forget important appointments, meetings or commitments.

The right productivity applications for you will depend on the nature of your work (and play), and there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from. That said, here are our picks for the top apps for productivity:

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Description: This productivity app helps you be prepared for every minute of every day. It lets you create, sort, search for and group notes, and provides reminders of upcoming appointments, meetings and commitments. It is available for all iPhone models as well as the iPad touch, and is currently available in English and Russian.

Review: Evernote allows you to make snapshot notes, type text, save images as notes or even leave yourself voice reminders. You can also add tags to each individual note to facilitate easy searching, which is one of the app’s most useful and handy features. While it is a convenient, intuitive and powerful productivity application, Evernote’s mobile version does suffer from some functionality limitations. To make the most of it, you need to combine the mobile version with the online version.

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Description: Dropbox is a new cloud computing service that allows users to synch, share and modify files from their mobile phones or other online locations. It is capable of storing virtually any type of file, and it acts like a computer hard drive in the computing cloud.

Review: Dropbox scores very high marks for its ease of use, allowing you to drag and drop files from your storage device straight into the cloud. It is one of the most intuitive cloud computing apps on the market, and it is also extremely versatile. However, it offers no support for contacts lists, calendars or email applications, which is the only major limitation it suffers from.

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Description: This news app automatically gathers and sorts news and informational tidbits from your favorite websites, and arranges them in a pleasing and colorful scrolling mosaic that allows you to read, save and share stories.

Review: This news app has been enshrined in the Apple App Store Hall of Fame, and proved to be a major hit with smartphone users around the world when it was launched. If you’re an information junkie, Pulse helps you stay on top of things and comes highly recommended.